This driver, installation files and documentation is all Copyright (C) 2000-2005 by Robert Schlabbach. All rights reserved. It is distributed without any warranty. Use at your own risk. You may use and copy it complete and unmodified free of charge for non-commercial private purposes only.

Commercial exploitation, redistribution for commercial purposes, especially redistribution by Internet service providers as "their" service to their customers, is strictly prohibited. Internet service providers must purchase a license for distribution to their customers.

Also usage within enterprises, organizations, government, etc. is considered to be commercial respectively non-private and requires purchase of a license.

The licensed version additionally features an installer, which typically requires no reboot (except on Windows NT 4.0) and leads the user to the first login for an "instant success" customer experience.

Please confirm that you've read and accept the RASPPPoE Software License Agreement completely:

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